Dominik Mehringer joins finccam

finccam silber v17

The finccam team welcomes Dominik Mehringer! Dominik is a graduate of Computer Science (B.Sc.) from the Technical University of Munich and he is currently finalizing his Master's degree there. We are very happy about this addition to finccam!

Dominik brings his extensive theoretical and practical experience to our team. At his previous employer, he was not only able to comprehensively modernize the IT department, but also supported the development of processes with regard to legal requirements. Furthermore, he designed and implemented central interfaces for internal and external customers in a globally distributed development team.

In his free time, Dominik likes to try out new sports, regularly goes bouldering or trains Jiu Jitsu. He also enjoys reading about new technologies or topics outside of his field of expertise in order to get the most holistic picture possible and to better understand "was die Welt, im Innersten zusammen hält".

Dear Dominik, welcome to our team!